Why Praying For Your Future Husband Could Not Even Be Beneficial To You


This is tough. Like, REALLY tough. Because I am a hopeful young lady who believes in the power of prayer and the significance of waiting on the Lord, specially for my future husband. But is praying for my future husband even beneficial? Even more so, is being a “lady in waiting” serving a useful purpose in my single season?

Here is my personal opinion and thought process.

Yes, praying for your future husband is beneficial. But my personal conviction is that it is highly possibly that making it a lifestyle can definitely not be beneficial TO YOU (for you). 1 Corinthians 10:23 says “I have the right to do anything,” you say-but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”-but not everything is constructive (serving a useful purpose, positive).”

I have been in the season of singleness for my entire life. That is right, I have never been in a relationship aside from family, friends, coworkers, and the Lord. And I am so thankful. Has it been tough? Yes. Has it had its moments where I was not content? Absolutely. But as I get older and go through life more and more aware of Jesus and the truth of his word, I see what a blessing it has been and how perfect of a plan it truly is. I have been given the famous book “A Lady In Waiting” and have read through it twice in my lifetime. The second go-round, I felt such a weird feeling after I was finished. I gained some wisdom from this book and it provided a few good points, but overall I did not want my lifestyle as a single youg woman to be waiting. I did, however, want my lifestyle as a single young woman to be about action! I want with all of my heart to serve the Lord diligently with and in my singleness.

So, back on track. Why could a lifestyle of praying for my future husband not be beneficial to me? First off, I am most likely to pour all of my heart and passion into praying for this person. Which is fine to do, in moderation. I do not want to create an atmosphere in prayer for my future husband. Rather, I want to pray for Him- his character, his heart, his salvation, his ability to serve the Lord, his heart to be in alignment with Jesus- but not for him to come into my life any sooner than what God’s plan has in store.

This type of lifestyle can be quite the opposite of beneficial. It can stir up emotions negatively, it can breed discontentment if we allow so, and it can actually drive us farther away from Jesus and his faithfulness if we allow it to distort our prayers if all we focus on is “bring me a husband”.

This is based solely on a perosnal opinion and conviction of how I was allowing this beautiful act to take over my single season and, at the end of the day, was stealing the joy I could have while not being tied down to commitment such as the duties of a wife and the position of a wife. It will be a beautiful gift to unwrap someday. But until then, my heart belongs 100% to Jesus and his kingdom. What better way to spend your singleness than in tune with the Lord, spending majority of your time and energy on Him and his works.

If you are a single young lady who wants to experience a good, pure time of singleness, focus on praying for others, praying as a means of constant communication with your Savior, and spend your energy on the things of Heaven. Your time will come where the gift of marriage is dropped into your lap. Until then, focus on where you are now. This could be such a beautiful time of your life and becoming the best version of yourself possible.

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Cacy Jo

 is a young, thriving single Christian woman who has a heart for God and his kingdom. She truly believes God has given her eyes like his for his daughters. She sees people as God sees them. She believes young single daughters of God can have a THRIVING life in the journey before marriage. Blog