Set Apart SPOTLIGHT: Blenda Anderson


I was raised in an wonderful Christian home with two parents who taught my brothers and I through example not only how important it was to have Jesus down on the inside (according to Acts 2:38), but also, how to live, love and take care of a family the correct way. Since I had the blueprint of marriage down, it was just a matter of time and the right guy to come along, right? Right? Umm… not quite.

While I had the blueprint and was eventually Spirit-filled at the age of 24, outside of the few-and-far in between good guys, I was at a loss for why so many “undesirables” popped up so often. I mean I ate right, exercised and got enough rest, so what was the deal?

It took a LONG time to accept God’s diagnosis.

My heart was messed up and I was broken. 

Broken people attract broken people. 

Yes, the Holy Ghost was there alive and well on my heart—no doubt. After really getting to know who God was for myself, He FINALLY got me to see that I needed healing from the pain of low esteem, brokenness from childhood taunts, unwise decisions, hurtful words and broken relationships. 

As long (it took years) and as painful as the process was, as Jesus blessed me to allow Him to pour healing balm onto the most bruised places in my heart, He blessed me to realize that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, (Psalm 139:14), I am chosen by Him (I Peter 2:9), and loved unconditionally! (Romans 8:38-39). I have to tell y’all that walking in those truths helps repel (most of) the “gamers” that stop by. 

So, 20-some-odd years and a grown daughter later, I am still single, still have the well-worn marriage blueprint from my childhood and am YET walking in my healed state [Insert praise here].

In addition, and with the grace of God, because of what I went through, I am now able to be a blessing to others through the ministry of teaching the Lord has so graciously blessed me with. Who knew? 

God did. 

Be encouraged in the Lord, women of God! Seek God in your present state and pour out your heart before Him, trust Him with all the details of your life and watch Him do wonderful things on your behalf! 

Blen, a New England native, is a kale and cake junkie, tea enthusiast, enjoys a good conversation, and spending time with family and friends. You can catch on her on the daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, weekly her Periscope bible study and on her blog/podcast, where she teaches and covers various biblical and practical life topics. | Blog