Precious Gift

Singleness, you are the most precious gift I’ve ever been granted. You are season of time that allows me to have the center of God's attention with uninterrupted devotion. If I could explain your beauty, my words wouldn’t even come close. Although, many of us think singleness is a season that we are just bored waiting to to become that wife and mother. I see this season as a time in life that I will never get back. I see this as a season with certain lessons and opportunities I only can learn now. 

Singleness is a time that God shuts the door and has you all to Himself. Like the Prayer Room. However this is the Anointing Room, where the Presence of God saturates you. You will find that peace that surpass all understanding (Phil. 4:7). You will open your eyes and see the beauty that lingers all around you. 

God is strategic. 
Singleness is a season that many choose not to partake in, but the few that choose it reap rewards beyond their wildest dreams (Eph. 3:20). The race isn’t to the one who marries the fastest, nor is it to the one who marries the slowest. The race is to the one that is willing to endure until the end (Ecs. 9:11). 

In Christ we all must be singly His before anyone else’s. Our jealous God has destined time alone with us in this season to reveal Himself to us more and more. We must seek Him earnestly more than anything ever in life. 
Singleness is beautiful. 

Not because the many options of men we have, but the uninterrupted devotion we get with God. 
This type of devotion gives us wisdom that guides us in our future relationships. This devotion gives us a heart for God that no matter the trials and tribulations to come, we will always walk with Him. This devotion will burn a fire within us and lead us into the calling he has predestined for us. 

Singleness holds a lot more than our eyes can see today. Embrace this Precious Gift that the Father has graciously given unto us.

Morgan Tracy J. is the Founder of "His Daughter's Closet: Women's Empowerment Ministry". Her ministry is geared through uplifting women through The Word of God. Her writings and photos have been featured in Christian Magazines. She began her ministry through her youtube channel which shares Faith Tips, Relationship Talks, Inspiration, and Modest Fashion. Although, she has done many things, her biggest achievement thus far is answering the Call of God. Blog