He Gave Me Beauty for Ashes

To all who mourn in Israel he will give: beauty for ashes; joy instead of mourning; praise instead of heaviness. For God has planted them like strong and graceful oaks for his own glory. Isaiah 61: 3

When I look at my life, I cannot deny it! God gave me beauty for ashes!
I used to be someone very depressed, very emotional and unsecure. Because of that, I used to fall for the wrong guys and entangled myself in bad relationships. I was broken inside and I did not love myself before. I was looking for love but in the wrong places. My parents got divorced when I was 9 and I was very traumatized by it. Since that time, I had no more models, I was lost, I did not know who I am anymore! I used to be very close to my dad and the divorce made him changed his behavior towards me.

I thought 'If my dad rejects me, who will welcome me now, where will I go, I esteemed him so much". My mother and I had a very conflictual relationship. I was hating her, for her this was her fault! I was broken because of her, I was lost because of her...but you know what the devil tought he had won but JESUS had the final say!!! Glory to God!

When I talk about beauty, I do not refer to the physical appearance, I am talking about the inner man, the real YOU, the image of God within us! God said " He will give us beauty for ashes"! God created us in His image, therefore it is not our portion to be broken, to be confused, to feel ugly, and so on.

For me, true beauty cometh from your identity. As I said, I was lsot during that time. My vision was to be like Beyonce. I told myself "If I can be like her, then I will be beautifuln then would I be complete and happy!" but this was wrong! The day I received Christ in my life, scales fell from my eyes! Christ opened up my eyes to see the purpose He had for me and to realize who I am!

Knowing who I am changed me, and this is the beauty God gave to us once we surrender our lives to Him. I realized that I was not Beyonce, I was not my sisters, I was not my classmates, I was Me and I was complete in Him! I realized that I was a princess and not any princess, God's princess! Therefore, I told myself 'Can a princess date someone without his dad know about it?" No! I told myself "I will not date someone without the concern or approval of the Holy Spirit!

I used to dress in a sexual way, to have all men eyeing on me. But when God told me through His Word who I am. I understood that as His daugther, I had to veil my boby, to cover it; this ladies is BEAUTY BY GOD FOR US! People were astonished, they thought no, she will give up. She is not this type of person! They did not know that what God starts, He perfects it and complete it! This is what my Bible tells me!

Slowly and surely, I noticed how the beauty of God, started to manifest in my life. I forgave my parents for any wrong they had done to me, and I asked for forgiveness for any wrong I did to them as well. God taught me to forgive! He said I will give you joy instead of mourning! God's Word is true! I cannot deny it! He fulfilled this promise in my life and continue to do so! I used to be very bitter but now bitterness have gone from my heart! That's true beauty!

Until you know your identity in Christ, you will not be able to live the beautiness of God! Your vision, your identity makes you. The beauty is also found in those moments of trials or lack, and being content and joyful because God is with us! I have learnt as Paul said to live in aboundance and lack! I have learnt because of the Holy Spirit to stay a worshipper even when things are not going as I wish!

The beauty of God is eternal and what is more eternal than His Word! His Word changed me! His Word gave me beauty! His Word changed my cloth of sadness into a garment of praise!

Before I used to have sex almost every day, but the power of God made me become a woman who can control herself. The Word of God made me even realize that as a lady I need to cook!!!!( laughs) I used to be once of those ladies who taught that I did not have to cook, I could buy foods at the restaurant and so on!

But one day, God told me' So you want to marry'; Gladly, I said yes Dad. He told me so you think you are ready for it, I said yes. And the Holy Spirit told me the virtuous woman is worth far more than rubies. She surpasses all the other women! Many young ladies of your age cannot cook, you too so in what are you different! This broke my heart! God made me understand that I needed to prepare myself, I needed to not just be a woman but do what woman need to do! This again is BEAUTIFUL!

I can go on and on and share with you how the Lord gave me beauty instead of the ashes I had! God is real, ladies!

I do not know what are the ashes currently in your lives, those things that make you sometimes ashamed of yourselves or even make you doubt of your identity in Christ! Be assured! God LOVES you! Be assured HE will change everything around for your good! The only thing you need to do is to TRUST in Him but only Obey Him! Without faith, we cannot please Him!

If God saved me from the sin of fornication, masturbation, hatred, rebellion, God will save you too! If God save me from the lies of the devil and the people who were telling that I could amount to nothing in this life, God will avenge you as wel! Do not let the thought of men define you, your beauty is found in God's Word!

Your life is meaningful!
You are a virtuous woman!
Designed by a PRO!
Loved by the greatest husband in the whole World!

My prayer is that you may live God's beauty! My prayer is that you may walk into your purpose! The beauty of GOD is found in HIM, in the Purpose He gave you! Don't wait to be married to walk into your purpose! Stand up and start doing it right now!

You are loved always!!!!

Your sister Tabitha


Tabitha Larissa Joy is a woman passionate for God. Her vision and passion are to see young women being established in the Word of God and see young people giving their lives to Christ. 'I believe that women are called and used by God, I believe in the Word of God, my prayer is that each woman discover the purpose for which God created her and walk in her calling' she says. Founder of the "Femmes de Destinee" (Women of Destiny - A group of prayerful women equipped to reach out to souls for God), Writer, Worshipper, and Youth Leader, Tabitha in the secular life, works in a marketing and digital company in Gabon. | Blog